Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

The Indianapolis Colts struggled offensively and defensively at the beginning of the game. The Cincinnati Bengals are considered a pretty weak team that is still in rebuilding mode. Joe Burrow has been playing very well in his rookie season but the Bengals were 1-3-1 going into this game for a reason.

Despite being the underdog the Bengals jumped out to a 21-point lead by shutting out the Colts in the first quarter. At this point the Bengals had a 92.8% win probability. This created a great opportunity early in the game for live bettors as teams with a losing record are known to call conservative plays on offense and play preventative defensive schemes. Philip Rivers is with a new team in the Colts however he’s known to thrive when playing from behind – especially at home.  The Colts then managed to score 3 consecutive touchdowns themselves to come back before halftime as the Bengals could only score a field goal in the same time span.

The Bengals opened the second half by scoring a field goal to extend their lead to 6 points. The Colts then answered with a touchdown to Jack Doyle to put the Colts up for the first time in the game with a score of 27-28.

Rivers then threw one of his trademark interceptions in the fourth quarter. Rivers has been known to struggle in clutch time in the past few years. This is also the storyline for the Colts throughout the season as they feel like a very good team but they fall just short of being a top contender because of their average quarterback.

However the Bengals missed a 48-yard field goal as they fail to take the lead. The Colts took the opportunity to increase their lead to 4 points by scoring a 40-yard field goal. With more than enough time for Joe Burrow to put together a game winning drive he was unable to do so due to a costly rookie interception which led to the Colts running out the clock to win the game 27-31.


Week 6 – October 18, 2020

Line: IND -7.5 | Over/Under: 46

Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1, 0-2-1 Away) at Indianapolis Colts (3-2, 2-0 Home)

Bengal’s Win Probability: 92.8%