Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

The Seattle Seahawks manage to win 27-26 against the Minnesota Vikings. Russel Wilson’s hot streak slowed down a bit last week against the Miami Dolphins but almost hit rock bottom this week.

Seattle couldn’t accomplish anything on offense in the first half. They had to punt every time and didn’t even score a field goal. The Vikings on the other hand dominated the clock on offense with a strong rushing attack while also defending amazingly.
This first half was something we haven’t seen from a very shaky Minnesota defense this season. Dalvin Cook managed to score a touchdown while also putting kicker Dan Bailey in the right position to score two field goals. The Vikings went into halftime with a 13-0 lead.

This was the right moment for live bettors who follow live odds closely to jump in. Russel Wilson and the Seahawks have mounted bigger comebacks than 13 points and are known for their performance in the clutch. The odds at this moment for a Seahawks were amazing as Minnesota had an 88% win probability when the second half started.

The momentum completely changed in the second half. After both teams’ first drives ended in 3-and-outs the Seahawks scored their first touchdown of the game. The Vikings then lost the ball on a fumble on their next drive which allowed Seattle to score another easy touchdown. The next Vikings’ drive was an even bigger disaster as Kirk Cousins threw an interception on the first play.

cousins picked by seahawks with amazing one handed stab








The Seahawks then scored their third straight touchdown before being countered by two Vikings touchdowns. At this point we are already in the seventh minute of the fourth quarter. The Vikings’ win probability at this point rose to 96%. Russel Wilson then threw a rare fourth- quarter interception.


After the turnover, the Vikings drove the ball into the red zone to set up a prime scoring opportunity. The Seahawks’ defense then got an important stop with a 5 point lead on both 3rd and 4th down. This was an interesting coaching decision by Zimmer where he opted to go up by 2 scores over the easier field goal attempt keeping the game at one possession.

third down attempt by vikings does not convert

fourth down attempt by vikings does not convert leading to loss








This allowed Russel Wilson to pull off his clutch time magic as a huge underdog. On fourth down with the game on the line, Wilson threw a touchdown with 15 seconds left on the clock to put Seattle up by one to win the game.


Recommendation: Set an alert for the Seahawks trailing by 2 possessions / 9 points or more.

Week 5 – October 11, 2020

Line: SEA -6.5 | Over/Under: 54

Minnesota Vikings (1-3, 1-1 Away) at Seattle Seahawks (4-0, 2-0 Home)

Lion’s Win Probability: 96.9%