Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

NBA 1/22/21 – Nuggets @ Suns

Strategy: Travel Ball

Alert: Nuggets down 10 points

Denver Nuggets (8-7, 4-2 Away) @ Phoenix Suns (8-6, 3-2 Home)

Final Score: 130 – 126

Line: PHX -1.0


The game was a toss up early however you could find value in a game in which the Nuggets needed to get back on track after getting the season off to a rough start. The Suns had 3 games postponed due to Covid protocols and they are coming off a 4 point loss to the Nuggets in the previous game. The Nuggets got an early 2 point lead in the 1st quarter, however, the Suns quickly responded by taking the lead and holding it the entire remainder of the quarter. The Suns lead maxed out at 13 points two different times towards the end of the quarter. The 2nd quarter started with a 9 point margin and the Suns were once again able to maintain the lead for the entirety of the quarter. The first half ended with a 14 point Suns lead.


The 3rd quarter was nothing new for the game. The Suns held the lead for the entire quarter maxing out at 14 points. The Nuggets were able to muster a run towards the end of the quarter to cut the margin to 4 points. The Nuggets were able to get the lead, however, the Suns were able to get it back. The 4th quarter ended in a tie and the game went to overtime. The game was tied 6 different times in the final quarter. The Nuggets were able to maintain the lead for most of the OT period except for one point where it was tied and the next point gave the Suns a one point advantage. From here, the Nuggets were able to keep the lead and end the game up by 4 points.